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The less time is left before а possible signing of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in Vilnius, the more anti-EU propaganda appears in Ukraine. Here’s some pictures I’ve made today in the Kyiv subway.

Association with the EU leads to price increases tenfold
Association with the EU leads to growing prices

If Ukraine will sing an Agreement with EU, prices will rise more than ten times – from 19,99 hryvnias to 19,99 euros (1 hryvnia = 11 euros currently).

Association with the EU will lead to job losses
Association with the EU will lead to job losses

An order stamped “Dismissed”.

 Association with the EU is the gay marriages

Association with the EU means gay marriages

Ukraine is quite homophobic country, so this is another attempt to set up public opinion against the EU.

These lightboxes were installed by NGO “Ukrainian choise” (“Ukrayinskiy Vybir” in Ukrainian language) headed by Viktor Medvedchuk. He is the former President Leonid Kuchma’s administration Head and a close friend of the Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Putin even baptized Medvedchuk’s daughter in 2004. In Ukraine and Russia such a relationship sometimes means more then a kinship.

To be honest, most people in Kyiv want the Association Agreement with the EU to be signed, so these lightboxes are quite useless here. But Putin gives the huge money to Medvedchuk for anti-EU propaganda in Ukraine so he should at least demonstrate activity.

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  1. If it wasn’t so despicable, the last one especially is quiet funny. Same-sex marriage is allowed in only 9 or 10 EU member states. Italy, a life long member, for instaande does not acknowledge same-sex marriage. Ukranians have to Dear something that the Brussels monster could not achieve in Italy for more than 50 years.

    Furthermore the odds that the ECHR, of which Ukraine is a full member, will say something about gay marriage is higher than an opinion from the EC. I sincerely hope that other politicians do not make such a mess in the discussion about the association treaty.

  2. Instaande = instance, Dear = fear.

    Thanks stupid auto-fill of my Apple device, but my sincere apologies.

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